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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring Skin Revival

 These are the products I go to in the spring to start waking my skin up from winter. I love all of these and hope you do too!

  1. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer $8.69: I use this daily post-shower and after a few days, I start to notice some color coming back to my pale skin. It isn't a sunless tanner in the traditional sense - you don't see an instant tan, but this is great to slowly transition into using a self-tanning lotion and it helps maintain a faux tan and blends it a little better when your tan starts to wear off.
  2. Arbonne RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Cream $66.00: This daily moisturizer and sunscreen (SPF 20) doesn't feel too heavy under makeup and gives my skin a good drink. They've changed the packaging since my last order, but it's still the same formula. I've been using it for probably over a year now and have been very happy with its results through all seasons.
  3. Glow for a Cause solid perfume in Wish $18: I'm not big on heavy perfumes, especially in the spring and summer. I received this little travel size in a Vegan Cuts box and love its portability and the scents of sparkling light florals, white tea and bergamot. Not only is it easy to toss into a check bag, gym bag, or handbag for touch-ups throughout the day but it's made of the purest ingredients so it's good for you too. Glow also offers gives a portion of their proceeds to a few different non-profits, all of which are listed on their About page. Everyone wins with this perfume
  4. Dry Skin Brush $19.65: I use this before hopping in the shower a couple times a week and really notice a  difference in how soft my skin is after a few uses! It helps get rid of any dullness and preps the skin for moisturizing. 
  5. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil: So, they've sort of discontinued this exact product, but now it comes in a clear formula and can be mixed with any lip gloss or used alone for an extra dose of moisture under foundation. I like using it on my cheekbones to achieve a dewy look. It's also great for treating chapped lips. I apply it while drying my hair and before putting lipstick on and it gives my lips a smoother finish. 
  6. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter $38: One of the best highlighters I've ever used! It only takes a little bit, so this compact will last me forever. This highlighter gives a glow without obvious flakes of glitter. It's as subtle as I want it to be. I apply it on cheekbones, collar bones, and shoulders. They have several colors but I find this one is just the right balance of pinky peach - although it doesn't appear pink at all on the skin. It's a warm glow without looking bronzed circa 2001.
  7. Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask $64: Every time I use this mask in the evening, my husband compliments my skin the next day. "Did you do something different? Use a new make-up? Your skin looks amazing today!" This mask leaves my skin super soft and glowing every single time!
  8.  Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers Broad Spectrum SPF 30 $12.49: It took me several BB/CC creams before finding the right tinted moisturizer. This one actually has some coverage (I'm typically a med-full coverage foundation girl) but it doesn't feel heavy. I've been wanting to lighten up my make-up routine for the warmer months when a heavier foundation feels too...heavy. I apply it using a foundation brush and then use concealer only where needed. I like that my light freckles get to show through a little bit but my skin tone looks even. Order this online or find it at Target. I'm using Fair to Light but will probably move to a darker shade as the season heats up.
  9. Home & Body Co. Orange Oil $18: I can't get enough of citrus scents in the warmer months! If you ever run across this oil in a local boutique, pick it up! It smells amazing and is so relaxing after a bath. If you can convince your honey to give you a massage with it, even better. ;)
  10. Adams Optics Aviators $79: Don't forget to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them from the sun! If you're in Athens, GA, I highly recommend these sunglasses. They're lightweight and not too expensive. I've purchased sunglasses from Warby Parker before too and really love the quality and the price tag. I will always own a pair of aviators - they're so classic and go with pretty much any outfit.
  11. Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer $29: I'm not big on contouring but I do like a good matte bronzer to warm up my complexion a bit. This one is the most natural looking bronzer I've tried yet. I use the color Natural Bronze (not Lite) and it works great with my fair skin.
  12. Aveda Foot Relief $9.50(travel size) or $24 (4.2oz): I've been using this for yeeearsss and still love it! It contains exfoliating fruit acids and jojoba and castor oils to soften and smooth feet. It feels really cooling when applied because of the peppermint and tea tree oils. If you want an extra boost of moisture, exfoliate your feet in the shower, apply this lotion, then slip on a pair of cotton socks while you watch some Netflix. You'll be sandal-ready in no time!
  13. Swell Bottle in Royal Wood $35: Drinking lots of water is so important to getting clearer, glowing skin! I put off buying one of these for a long time, but I finally caved when I spotted this gorgeous cobalt blue in person. Swell's claim to fame is that the bottles keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. I bought the 17oz version. The 25oz seemed too bulky and the 9oz is too small for me, though I did buy two 9oz versions for my boys. It fits in their cupholders in the car (mine does too, btw) and in the side pocket on their lunchboxes, which leaves plenty of space for food inside. My kids are 4 and 6 years old and the 9oz is a great size for them. If you have a teen, you'll want the 17oz. So far we have only used them for water and it's still cold by the time we finish it!
Let me know if you've tried any of these products or if there's another Spring Skin Reviver you love! Come back on Monday and check out a few Mother's Day gifts I've picked out for any mom on your list!

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