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Monday, May 15, 2017

Products that Pamper and My DIY Lip Scrub!

When it's time to unwind and show myself a little pampering, nothing makes me happier than a nice long bath! I put  music on or play an audio book, poor myself a glass of wine, and light a candle. If I really want to zone out, Amazon Prime and YouTube have the best spa playlists. I just search "spa music" and lots of options come up. It reminds me of getting a massage and it is the most relaxing thing to listen to while soaking in a hot bath.

  Over the winter, I decided to try Lush Cosmetics' bath products. I've always admired their displays and fun bath fizzes and bubble bars, but walking into Lush is a little overwhelming for the olfactories. My sense of smell seems much more sensitive after two pregnancies. I do love that they make all their products by hand though and really wanted to give them a try. I finally went through the shop and smelled several bath bombs - and of course the only two I like are a lavender scented bath bomb (a seasonal item they no longer carry online) and one called Sex Bomb. It's a mix of jasmine, ylang ylang, and clary sage and smells heavenly. It also contains soy milk to soften the skin and when you drop it in the water, rose petals escape from the fizz.

  As for the other products I love using in a bath right now, Peter Thomas Roth's Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Cleansing Gel makes my face feel super clean and ready for a mask and moisturizer.  I simply put my headband on (this one NEVER slips!) apply the cleanser (it smells amazing!) with my hands and wipe off with a cloth. This particular cloth works to remove makeup even without a cleanser, but I like to use one anyways just to make sure there's no makeup at all left on there. My favorite nighttime moisturizer ever is Arbonne's RE9 Advanced Night Repair Cream. I use this after a mask and my skin feels so plump and dewy after a good night's sleep. If I've been on the computer too much or haven't been getting enough sleep, an eyemask goes into my routine before the night cream. This one from Sephora says it helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness.
Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap is my go-to in the shower and the bath. The peppermint scent is so refreshing although the lavender is very nice at night. I usually alternate which one I buy. If you live in Athens, Earth Fare always carries it. I follow up with a DIY scrub that makes my skin feel soft as silk!

  My favorite thing to do after getting out of a bath is to slip into fresh pj's. It was time to purchase new summertime  pajamas so I found these online from GAP and am so glad I did! This is the most comfortable set I've ever owned and they're super cute.
I'm including a recipe for the body scrub that I whip up myself at home. It's very easy to customize with whichever oils you prefer. If you don't have coconut oil you can use jojoba, avocado, or olive oil. Just be very careful if you use this in the shower because it can make the floor slippery the next time you hop in! I use this at the sink on my hands sometimes and on my lips almost every night. You could sub the sugar for salt but be ready for a burn if you've just shaved your legs! This scrub will keep in an airtight container for a very long time. I keep mine in the bathroom, no refrigeration needed. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Ingredients: coconut oil, essential oils, sugar
Directions: Mix one part oil to two parts sugar. Add 2 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix together until you form a gritty paste. You may need to add more sugar or oil, depending on the consistency you like. Scrub body, lips, or hands then rinse off with water. See how I mix mine in the video below!


xo - Hannah

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