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Monday, May 22, 2017

YSL: Summer Wedding Lipsticks

Wedding and anniversary season is upon us! I've found two shades of lipstick that will be staples in my collection from now on. They're perfect for any occasion but they're extra special to me because of the memories I have associated with the brand YSL. I mean, a lipstick doesn't get any more romantic than a classic French brand! These two shades in particular are perfect for summer weddings. They're classic, elegant, and they'll take you from bridal shower to honeymoon. Best of all, they are super wearable!

This June marks the 9 year wedding anniversary for my husband and me. We honeymooned in Paris and I knew one thing on my list of to-do's was to buy my first tube of French brand YSL's lipstick. YSL was and is available in stores in the states as well as online, but there was something about buying a French lipstick in Paris that excited me!

I picked a neutral pink - not too brown, not too bright. You know that shade that's "my lips but better?" That's what I was going for. It's timeless, elegant, and so easy to wear. It looks flawless with jeans or a nice dress. The packaging was all in French and the lipstick shade was Rouge Pur #124. I'm not one to typically hang on to lots of sentimental items, but I actually still have that tube of lipstick, although it's pretty much all used up now (see pic below!) and I no longer use it because it is so old. The Rougue Pur line has since been replaced by the Rouge Pur Couture line and #124 is no more.

On the hunt for a similar color, I went into Sephora and found Rouge Volupte Shine in Nude Lavalliere #44. It's an oil based formula and only slightly more sheer but it's almost exactly the same color! This particular formula is very lightweight but manages to pack some color and and almost melts onto the lips. It also has a high shine, but not like a thick gloss. It feels very nice on and I think I'm going to really appreciate the lighter formula during the summer. This lipstick claims to reduce fine lines and increase moisture, making lips look healthier and nourished if used for 4 weeks. I'm happy with it even if it doesn't live up to the claims!

I wanted a nice summery red for the season too so I tried several before landing on #46. It's called Orange Perfecto and is the perfect bright, but not too intense, poppy red! It reminds me of the stain you get after eating a red Popsicle. I apply it straight from the tube then blot it in with my fingertips. I typically use this technique on all my lipsticks to blend them with my lip liner a little more.

In the summer I like to go super light with my makeup. These lipsticks paired with my new favorite tinted moisturizer and a black waterproof liner (gotta beat this Georgia humidity!) is such a classic look for day or night. I usually do a thicker cat eye for evenings for a little more drama. I love this Stila liner because it's easy to make a thin or thick line and it doesn't budge until you take it off.

If you visit YSL's website right now, they're doing free engraving on all their lipsticks plus free shipping and samples  on orders over $75! You can always go to the mall to test out which shades work for you then order online if you want the engraving.

I'd love to hear if you have a favorite shade of lipstick and which color you wore for your wedding or honeymoon! Let me know in the comments below!

xo - Hannah

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